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Acronyms Commonly Used on FFA

FFA (also f-fa and variants): Fail Fandom Anon.

Conversational identifiers

  • Nonny, nonnie, anon = the people posting comments on meme.
  • AYRT = anon you replied to.
  • AIRT = anon I'm replying/I replied to.
  • A AIRT RT = anon [whom] the anon I'm replying to [earlier] replied to (usually the anon two comments up instead of one).
  • AVRT = anon velociraptor replied to.
  • NAYRT = not the anon you replied to.
  • SA = same anon (when you're adding to or correcting something in a comment you just submitted).
  • NA = new anon (not previously part of the discussion).
  • NNA = new new anon (to distinguish oneself from the NA one just replied to). Not frequently used.
  • DDA = different different anon (to distinguish oneself from the DA one just replied to). Not frequently used.
  • NNA = new new anon (to distinguish oneself from the NA one just replied to). Not frequently used.
  • OP = original poster (person who started the thread).
  • SubOP = subthread OP.
  • YADA = yet another different anon.
  • YANA = yet another new anon (when it doesn't mean You Are Not Alone).

Other acronyms you may see


  • 2ha = the Chinese novel The Husky and His White Cat Shizun.


  • A/B/O = Alpha/Beta/Omega[verse] fic or characters. See Dogfuck Rapeworld (or the Fanlore page) for details.
  • AFFN,, variants =
  • AHEW = “All He Ever Wanted,” a Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic.
  • AITA = Am I The Asshole? Based on the subreddit of the same name.
  • ANH = Star Wars: A New Hope.
  • AO3 = Archive of Our Own, a fanfiction archive created/maintained by the OTW.
  • AOS, AoS =
    1. “Alternate Original Series” (Star Trek reboot movies).
    2. TV series Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    3. Age of Sail (canons such as Horatio Hornblower or Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin).
  • ASOIAF, ASoIaF = see GoT.
  • ATG = Any Two Guys, more rarely Any Two Girls. In reference to fic with generic characterization; the pairing could be “any two guys.” Used in "Guess the ATG" game threads (beloved of nonnies for the creative name-swapping possibilities).
  • ATLA, AtLA = the Western cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender.


  • B5 = the TV series Babylon 5.
  • BatB, BATB = Beauty and the Beast, typically the 1991 Disney remake movie, sometimes the 2017 movie.
  • BEC = (Look at That) Bitch Eating Crackers, referring to a grudge that makes the bearer annoyed by even the most innocuous actions of the target.
  • BFE = Bangs, Fests, Exchanges - one of meme's common threads.
  • BL = boys' love.
  • BNF = Big Name Fan.
  • BNHA = the manga and anime series Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia).
  • BOFQ = Bitter Old Fandom Queen. Not used very much anymore.
  • BOTW, BoTW = the game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  • BS = Benjanun Sriduangkaew, the pro-writing pseudonym of Winterfox.
  • BTS = a K-pop boy band, also known as the Bangtan Boys.
  • BtVS = the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.



  • DAYD = “Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness,” a fanfic by Thanfiction.
  • DBH = the game Detroit: Become Human.
  • DBZ = the anime Dragon Ball Z.
  • DCU - DC (Comics) Cinematic Universe.
  • DD = “Details, details!” A call for evasive/coy nonnies to spill the beans about whatever.
  • DDLC = the VN Doki Doki Literature Club.
  • DNW = Do Not Want, used in fanworks exchanges to refer nonjudgmentally to things the recipient does not wish to have in their gift.
  • DW = Usually either the TV series Doctor Who or Dreamwidth; depends on context.



  • FE3H = the game Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
  • FF = the game Final Fantasy, usually followed by a number or Roman numeral to indicate the version.
  • FFN,, FF, variants =
  • FMA = the anime and manga series Full Metal Alchemist.
  • FWA = Fog Warriors Anon, Dragon Age troll.


  • GoT = Game of Thrones, TV series based on George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF).
  • GotG = Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • GRRM = George R.R. Martin, author of ASOIAF.


  • HIMYM = the TV series How I Met Your Mother.
  • HP = the Harry Potter series of books and movies.
  • HPMOR = “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality,” a smug longfic by “rationalist” cultist Eliezer Yudkowsky.
  • HTGAWM = the TV series How to Get Away with Murder.


  • IASIP = the TV series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • IJ = InsaneJournal, a long-defunct LJ clone.
  • ITT = in this thread.


  • JGL = the actor Joseph Gordon Levitt, best known on meme for playing Arthur in the 2010 MSF movie Inception.
  • JGY = Jin Guangyao, a character in the Chinese TV series CQL/The Untamed. Sometimes pronounced “Jiggy” by Western fans.
  • JKR = J.K. Rowling, the author of the HP book series.
  • JS&MN = the novel Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke.


  • LL = “Link links!” (unless you're an spnanonhaven/FFA bimemer, in which case it stands for “Leonidaslion”).
  • LoK = the Western cartoon Legend of Korra.
  • LotRiPS, LOTRiPS, Lotrips = Lord of the Rings Real Person Slash.
  • LWJ = Lan Wangji, a character in the Chinese TV series CQL/The Untamed.


  • MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe. Includes (at least) the Thor, Avengers, Iron Man, and Captain America movies, as well as the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series in its continuity.
  • MDZS = Mó Dào Zǔ Shī/Grandmasters of Demonic Cultivation, a Chinese novel and donghua TV series.
  • MFVW/MFCW = Mantis Fuck Vore [or Consent] World, an FFA-originated offshoot of DFRW/A/B/O.
  • MLP, MLP:FiM = My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Meme critter Pinkie Pie either hails from there or named herself after one of the characters.
  • MNF = Medium Name Fan.
  • MRF = Mary Renault Fics, a notoriously gatekeeping LJ community that went out in a blaze of wank.
  • MSF = Migratory Slash Fan[dom]. Refers to fandoms transiently popular with certain fans, particularly slash BNFs. The juggernaut pairings are often white and male, a/k/a “whitecock.”


  • NCIS = the TV series NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
  • NN = author Naomi Novik, a/k/a BNF Astolat, cofounder of the OTW. She was once referred to on meme solely by her initials to avoid linking her wallet name to her fannish pseud. Now that she has herself connected the two identities and also personally and publicly accepted a Hugo Award on behalf of AO3, meme rules permit “NN” and “Astolat” to be used interchangeably.
  • NNF = No Name Fan. Very rarely also LNF, Little/Low Name Fan.
  • NOTP = opposite of an OTP.


  • OEA = Overly Earnest Anon.
  • OFC = Original Female Character.
  • OITNB = the TV show Orange is the New Black.
  • OMC = Original Male Character.
  • OMGCP = “Oh My God Check Please,” an acronym used by the Check Please fandom because “CP” is unfortunately ambiguous.
  • ONTD = Oh No They Didn't, an LJ community dedicated to celebrity gossip and one of the few LJ comms to still be around.
  • OSA = Overly Sensitive Anon.
  • OSN = Orgy Ship Nonny [page to come].
  • OT3 = One True Threesome. There are also OT4s, OT5s, etc.
  • OUAT = Once Upon a Time. TV show based on fairytales, on which step-grandparent/step-grandchild incest is not intergenerational and constitutes a major pairing.


  • PatB, PATB = the Western cartoon Pinky and the Brain.
  • PoA = the book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • POI = Person of Interest. TV show/MSF starring Michael Emerson from Lost and Jim Caviezel, a.k.a. Jesus Cavesus.
  • PotC, POTC = the movie franchise Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • PotO, the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical POTO = Phantom of the Opera.
  • PWP = Porn Without Plot, also known as “Plot? What Plot?” A type of fanfic.
  • QAF = the TV series Queer as Folk.


  • RDJ = the actor Robert Downey, Jr., best known on meme for playing Tony Stark in the MCU.
  • RH = Requires Only That You Hate, a blog run by Winterfox.
  • ROTJ = the movie Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
  • RP = roleplay.
  • RPF, RPS = Real-Person Fic, Real-Person Slash.


  • SFP = Sad French People, a DW anonmeme for Les Misérables fandom that sprang from FFA and that ultimately wanked itself to death.
  • SGA = the TV series Stargate Atlantis.
  • SHL = the Chinese TV series Shan He Ling/Word of Honor.
  • SMOF = “Secret Master of Fandom,” an old-school fandom term referring to conrunners and similar BNFs.
  • SnK/AoT = the manga and anime series Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan.
  • SPN = the TV series Supernatural.
  • SRB = Sarah Rees Brennan, pro author who started in fandom. Friend of Cassie Claire and frequently wanky in her own right.
  • STID, ST:ID = Not in fact a sexually transmitted ailment, despite its similarities to one, but Star Trek: Into Darkness (the 2013 movie, second in the ST:AOS continuity).
  • ST:TNG = the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • ST:TOS = the TV series Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • SVSSS = the Chinese novel Scum Villain's Self-Saving System.
  • SW = Star Wars, the entire movie franchise.
  • SW:TFA = the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Often just “TFA.”


  • TF = Thanfiction, sometimes also “ThatFucker.”
  • TGCF = the Chinese novel and TV series Tian Guan Ci Fu/Heaven Official's Blessing.
  • THBP = the book Harry Potter and the The Half-Blood Prince.
  • TLJ = the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
  • TLOU2 = the action/adventure game The Last of Us 2.
  • TMA = the horror podcast The Magnus Archives.
  • TPTB = “The Powers That Be,” referring to showrunners and movie producers.
  • TROS, TRoS = the movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
  • TSN = On FFA, usually refers to The Social Network (2010 slashbait film), more rarely to The Sentinel (1990s slashbait TV series).
  • TW = Depends on context:
    1. the TV series Teen Wolf (almost never the movie).
    2. the TV series Torchwood.
    3. Trigger warning.
  • TWS = see CA:TWS.
  • TWW = The West Wing, the 1990s TV series directed by Aaron Sorkin.
  • TYWAU, TYWNAU = Things You Wouldn't Admit Unanon. One of the common threads on the meme, usually on the first page.


  • UST = unresolved sexual tension.


  • VN = visual novel.


  • w4w = warlock4warlock, or “wiffu,” another DW anonmeme, on which discussion of het ships is not allowed.
  • WF = Winterfox.
  • WKX = Wen Kexing, a character in in the Chinese TV series SHL/Word of Honor.
  • WoT = WankofThedas, a defunct DW anonmeme for Dragon Age fandom whose mods deleted it multiple times (see Dragon Age Wank).
  • WS = He who shall not be named, for he is a notorious self-googler and will show up to act out on meme.
  • WSA = Weird Scenario Anon. Just what it says on the tin.
  • WSJ = On meme, normally Weekly Shounen Jump, a major manga magazine, rather than the Wall Street Journal.
  • WTNV = the surreal horror podcast Welcome to Night Vale.
  • WTNVNA = Welcome to Night Vale Hating Anon, a long-time troll.
  • WWX = Wei Wuxian, a character in the Chinese TV series CQL/The Untamed.


  • YKINMKATOK = Your Kink Is Not My Kink And That's OK. Nonnies usually call this concept KINKTOMATO instead, as it's snappier and easier to remember.
  • YT = Depends on context:
    1. YouTube.
    2. Yuletide.
    3. White (in the ethnic sense).


  • ZZS = Zhou Zishu, a character in the Chinese TV series SHL/Word of Honor.

(Some content cribbed from FFA's profile page. For some concepts mentioned on this page, there may be more information at

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