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Nathan Fillion Hating Anon

**"Nathan Fillion has an ugly fucking face. Discuss."**

This anon has become infamous for piping up at the smallest opportunity to profess their hate for Nathan Fillion, especially for his face. Some other nonnies have come to find NFHA endearing.

NFHA, who once said that NF would be attractive to them if he had a paper bag over his head, was honored with a mod icon.

Next year we will remember to nominate ffa as a fandom. And to request not only all the ponies, the seals, and el pulpo(s), but also the hatesex OT3 of Nathan Fillion/paper bag/Nathan Fillon-hating!anon.

Guys! Look, it's NathanFillionHating!anon on a date with Nathan Fillion! Just before the hot hatesex happens!

In July 2012 anons expressed concern about NFHA's seeming multi-month absence from the meme. Needlessly:

“Whatever happened to Nathan Fillion-hating nonnie?” thread.

LOL, thanks. I'm here, I never left, but hating the douchebag is not all I do here.

Nathan Fillion Hating Anon was a featured character in three "Fail-Fandomanon RPF" 2012 Yuletide fics.

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