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Wiki Style Guide

(FIXME – this page still under construction)

Here are some tips on how to write a good wiki page.

Naming conventions

This applies to page names, tag names and media filenames:

  • Use only lower case alpha numeric characters and '-'.
  • Use '-' (dash) to replace spaces.
  • Don't start a name with a special character.
  • Ditch articles (i.e. 'the', 'a' and 'an') unless they're absolutely necessary, especially if the name is more than 20 characters long. By default, Dokuwiki doesn't index them or any word less than three characters long, so all they do is lengthen the resulting URL.


This wiki primarily uses tags for organization. Tag any newly created page with one of the top level site tags, and the new page will show up on one or more of the appropriate tag listing pages.

By default, neither new users nor editors have the access to create pages or upload images in anything other than the root namespace. Please contact the wiki mod if you create a page in a namespace by mistake so it can be fixed.

Titles, sections and headings

  • Every page must have a heading at the very top, before any page content.
  • Headings should be concise and meaningful.

Avoid writing simple internal links, e.g.:


At the minimum, please make sure internal links have link text, like so:

[[nonnywork|stuff made by meme]]
[[nonnywork#poetry|meme poetry]]
[[wiki:syntax|syntax page]]

This is purely to make page renames and other administrative stuff easier. It also means that editing a link doesn't mean needing to change the text the page displays.

You can link to the following sites using these shortcuts:

FFA Wiki shortcuts

[[fanlore>Wiki-Page]] Wiki-Page links to a page on Fanlore
[[ao3work>000000|Fic Name]] Fic Name links to a work on
[[ao3user>username|Author Name]] Author Name links to a user profile on
[[dw>username|DWer]] DWer links to a Dreamwidth user's blog
[[lj>username|LJer]] LJer links to a Livejournal user's blog
[[tumblr>username|someone on Tumblr]] someone on Tumblr links to a Tumblr user's blog
[[twitter>username|someone on Twitter]] someone on Twitter links to a Twitter user's account

Dokuwiki shortcuts

[[wp>InterWiki]] InterWiki links to the English language Wikipedia
[[go>Wiki]] Wiki links to a Google search
[[do>DokuWiki-command]] DokuWiki-command links to a DokuWiki command
[[this>feed.php]] feed.php links to your wiki's URL. The example links to the local XML feed.
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