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Common Threads on Meme

Though Fail_FandomAnon is about fails and fandom, there are certain threads that pop up all the time, usually at least once a post. Which threads are common has, naturally, changed with the passage of time.

  • Unpopular Opinions
  • Fandom/Non-fandom/Random Venting
  • Foreign-language threads, especially by the Scandanonnies
  • Things Making You Sad/Happy/Annoyed Right Now
  • “Ask Me Anything”
  • Meme Decides
  • Iddy/id/idfic
  • Meme's Top Threads Last Post

General Topics

  • Tumblr and Twitter wank threads (sometimes merged with Reddit Rubbernecking to form a consolidated Social Media thread)
  • Cooking/food threads
  • Makeup/beauty threads
  • Sports threads
  • Politics and Current Events threads (including UK Politics, which is forbidden outside that thread; US Politics, which is sometimes outright banished to its own post; and Moon Politics, which is a parody of all of the above)

Single-Fandom Threads

Though which single-fandom threads will appear in a given post is highly variable, several always will, and some achieve common thread status for months or years.

Multifandom Threads

  • AO3/OTW
  • Canon Recs
  • Fic Recs
  • Small Fandoms
  • WTF Tags

Medium Discussion Threads

  • Anime & Manga
  • Books
  • Comics
  • Cnovels
  • Tabletop Gaming
  • Video Games
  • Visual Novels
  • Webcomics/Webcomics & Webtoons


  • “3-5 Lines (of something you've written)”
  • Bangs Fests Exchanges (BFE), usually the longest thread in any given post
  • Drawerfic Amnesty (somewhat less common than the rest, but still appears regularly)
  • Fic Research/Unfuck My Plot threads
  • Memefic/Origfic discussion
  • Publishing
  • WIPs

End of Post Threads

These threads tend to pop up when the post approaches the comment limit (6500 as of this writing, formerly less).

  • EFW threads, although some nonnies detest them
  • End of Post Random
  • Game threads (including Botticelli, Minister's Cat, etc)
  • Shipping Wall (and its evil twin, NOTP wall)
  • Threads You Want Next Post
  • MODS (alerting the mods that the comment limit has been reached–often several times)

Formerly Common Threads

Some once-common threads have faded into obscurity… for now.

  • Things You'd Like to Say to Your F-List/to an F-Lister (a/k/a “Dear F-Lister” or “Dear Fandom Friend”)
  • Reddit Rubbernecking (enjoyed a brief heyday before being merged into the Social Media thread)
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