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Racheline “Rach” Maltese, who goes by RM on LiveJournal, was first mentioned on f_fa in the very first post. Since then she has become a perennial Gentlefailer topic. She becomes quite upset when she is “exiled” from her beloved New York, which is the only cultured spot on the planet, and sent (she works in television) to places like Switzerland, which has no vegetables, or Cardiff, which has no dry cleaners.

RM has also solicited, on LJ and elsewhere, financial backing for a play that she had not even written yet and as of October 2011 was still not complete.

After receiving more attention than she'd have liked from Gentlefailers (examples in this thread regarding her support for Neo_Prodigy), she stopped posting anything but fanfic at LiveJournal and moved her Deep Thots to Letters from Titan, where she can be seen worrying about how an extremely exclusive flash mob-cum-dinner party isn't inclusive enough, calling Snape an example of "female heroism," and insisting that coming out "is a privilege, but also that it is a responsibility."

She is also on Tumblr. In February 2013, she posted the following image:

RM fails to make a bed.

As a Gentlefailer summarized: “RM fails to use a bed, news at 11.” (RM also thought her inability to cope with foreign beds might make a great basis for a fic about Kurt from //Glee//. Around the same time, another nonny vented about RM writing Kurt as a psychopomp.

Around Easter 2013, A nonny took issue with RM claiming that Easter Sunday coincided with the first day of Passover this year. Another nonny observed that RM was talking about a past Easter, so the discussion shifted to her overall pretentiousness.

RM also posted in support of the then-recent ruling legalizing gay marriage in the USA. Nonnies discussed this. In particular, she asked people in her post to, “consider the ways we can help queer all marriage, the ways we can help equalize it, by helping to break down gender stereotypes and expectations,” and nonnies discussed whether this was poorly phrased (consensus: yes) and/or appropriative (consensus: no, since RM herself is queer and married to another woman).

On a less-wanky note, RM was interviewed in Lev Grossman's //Time// article about fanfiction (f_fa discussion).

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