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Avalon's Willow is an African-American fan whose open letter to Elizabeth Bear about writing characters of color touched off RaceFail '09. To quote this nonny, “Willow basically started off Racefail 2009 by flinging a book of Bear's against the wall and then blogging about it, which arguably led to the insane SJW LJ culture we have today.”

When Kynn's rape of her ex, Jack, became public, Willow put up a navel-gazing post about “my utter aggravation at all the side picking,” claiming that the discussion was triggering her, and essentially resenting that she got no support after her own rape but Jack was getting plenty of support. In comments, she laid into Fickle, who was triggered by Willow's post, despite Willow having castigated Zvi for the latter's insensitivity to other people's triggers during Warning Wank. Her follow-up post the next day accused Jack's supporters of "cookie wanting," with additional comments telling anyone who was triggered by her posts to GTFO.

Gentlefailers discussed Willow's first Kynn-related post here and here. This came up more than a year later in a thread titled “Notorious SJW Hypocrites.”

Willow has also complained that white people will cry over dolphins but not over black people. Gentlefailer discussion, with an unsourced assertion that Willow also claimed around the same time that “she wouldn't cross the street to put out a white person on fire.”

This nonny stated that Avalon's Willow also started SGA barista wank, but there is no mention of Willow in the Fandom_Wank posts.

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