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Zvi, formerly known as Witchqueen, has a long history as an SJ warrior. She was the first person mentioned in this thread on whom to avoid in fandom: “Zvi, she's a mess.”

In a later post, another nonny observed, “It was also zvi who pulled the 'posting in your own journal is derailing' argument, which marked her on my 'do not engage' list forevermore.”

Other nonnies:

The arrogance of that was breathtaking. Way to assume that a) everyone is participating in your conversation (whether they know it or not), b) everyone should be participating in your conversation (and so are bad people if they try to disengage and talk about something else), and c) in your conversation, what you have to say is the most important thing (so everyone else–regardless of background–needs to shut up and sit down).

It was particularly funny (and hypocritical) followed by her behavior in the warnings-and-triggers discussion, where she repeatedly behaved exactly the same as the people she had called out for derailing in their own journals.

Zvi: more SJW than thou and demanding that if a POC is upset they shouldn't have to explain why, you should just apologize. BUT if a rape victim reads something upsetting because the fic had no warnings, it's their own fucking fault because it's their responsibility to know other people say things that might upset them.

Her most infamous moment was likely when she came out against trigger warnings, claiming that they're totally unnecessary, and that nobody who disagrees is allowed to talk to her about it. This made her so notorious that meme was still discussing it years later. As one nonnie put it:

She basically made a giant ass of herself about trigger warnings and then declared that nobody was ever allowed to talk to her again about it, no takebacks. Since zvi was also a huge proponent of callout culture this was, shall we say, a slightly hypocritical thing for her to do.

Another example of Zvi demanding that fandom do things her way or the highway: “ If you write a story where Tony Stark is monogamous or heterosexual, I need you to show your work on how you arrived at that characterization.” Gentlefailer discussion here and here.

Zvi has also been such a gung-ho Dreamwidth stan that she wrote a fic in which Hardison from Leverage handed out DW invites to his teammates (Gentlefailer discussion) and, when the site was quite new, would show up in strangers' LiveJournals urging them to switch over.

Finally, Zvi got into some arguments as to whether historical AUs should replicate historical marginalization (such as Regency AUs depicting colonialism). Zvi took the viewpoint that, in cracky AUs which already diverge wildly from the historical period, there's no real need to keep the marginalization on account of 'realism.' Meme discussed this a couple of times.

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