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Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman

Another polarizing person and creator, particularly in terms of SJ wank.


Clarion is a popular 6-week writing workshop held annually in San Diego. In January 2016, when people were discussing whether or not they should register for it, Gaiman tweeted:

“ is where you apply to go to Clarion. If you want to be a writer, you want to go to Clarion, NEED to go to Clarion.”

Several people responded angrily, arguing that this was a classist comment since not everyone can afford to take six weeks off from their job to go to a writing workshop, even setting other expenses such as airfare to San Diego and the Clarion registration fee. Others insisted that they were just as much writers as someone who went to a writing workshop. Gaiman immediately clarified that he was using 'need' hyperbolically–and also pointed out that he himself has never attended Clarion–but this doesn't stop the ensuing argument. (Natalie Luhrs' blogpost on the subject is characteristic of many of the anti-Gaiman responses).

Nonnies discussed this, with some taking Gaiman's side and some supporting his opponents.

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