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(FYI, in answer to a frequently-asked question on meme, the name is pronounced like Asia-the-continent, and it's actually not her fault; her parents named her after the Steely Dan song.)

Aja, Aja. Also known as Bookshop, Architect, and BNFshavemorefun. Where to begin with Aja?

Namely because both of those emotions — an inflated sense of self-importance and a weirdly messianic and protective affection for all fic, anywhere, ever – are very quintessentially Aja.


She appears to be a naturally over-caffeinated person with no filters anywhere, especially between her hyperwired brain and her keyboard.

She's like of those giant bouncy dogs who runs from room to room grabbing a toy, shaking it psychotically until it flies out of her mouth in pieces and then runs in crazy circles, confused, wondering what happened to it before she runs to the next toy and does it again. And again. And again.

The trick is take Aja in very, very, very small doses and not take her too seriously. I don't think she even remembers half the stuff she's said and done.


Except that the puppy can't help posting in super-excited ALL CAPS and ajskdajskldjaslkdjalk keysmashes, the puppy has a huge flist plus major writing gigs on influential websites, and people take the puppy seriously when it metas about Fandom As A Whole and generalizes its own experiences as universal. A full and detailed explanation of Aja's past can be found in the F_W wiki.

On Dec. 12, 2013, Aja delighted FFA by dropping in to defend Big Bang Press and her involvement therein. Much laughter and snark were had before threadfreeze.

Some of her other appearances on f_fa:

“… I'd say she excels at expressing her own ideas (whatever you think about the quality of them), but she isn't so good at understanding the viewpoints of others. This was one reason why she was the locus of a lot of bad feelings in fandom, because people were offended by her actions/words, and her defenders pointed out that Aja had never intended to cause offense, so she did have people on her side. And then she would continue to do this. … Her difficulty with this is why I think she'd be better off as an opinion writer on fandom, vs. a reporter.”

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