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Sometimes we love her, sometimes we hate her. But we know she's aware of us.

Involved in Vividcon wank (here), and always involved in warnings wank (here, here).

History: Impertinence first came to be well known in SJ circles in the the first round of Warnings Wank that occurred in June of 2009. She posted an LJ entry (Warning: contains very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers; is itself triggery) that discussed the difference between warnings in fanfiction for squicks vs. triggers and what triggering can be like for someone with triggers. Her post was picked up by Metafandom, and days of discussion resulted about the topic of triggers in fanfiction.

In July 2012, Imp was snarked on the meme for talking about Buffalo, New York, about which she apparently knows nothing. (That thread sparked some wank about accents and about regional resentment of “people from away.”)

Later in Post #141, one nonny said, “I am writing fic that I am guessing will provoke the ire of a wank-prone BNF,” who turned out to be “Imp.” Her fic "Human Empanada" was linked in this subthread, and nonnies expressed astonishment at its lack of quality, with one providing a technical critique.

In September 2015, a nonnie asked why people hate Impertinence. They received a handful of answers, including: “[S]he sashayed in [to hockey fandom] and suddenly things went from 0 to wanky and back-stabby in about 60 seconds” and “all her popularity has made her smug in a way that's really, really annoying to those who have no reason to like her.”

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