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The Meme Wanks it All

Re: Warning signs

Date: 2014-04-26 01:40 pm (UTC)


You are so oppressed

Meme could not love you any less

But, in your defense

You vie for consistence

You played all your cards

Explaining it so earnestly

Ranking creators passionately

And how they disregard our cookie

Martin will decide!

The colors he'll combine!

But what of other media?

Will Davis implode Stydia?

What every memer learns

(And even the harmonians)

Until it's there in black and white

Canon can turn your ship to shite

So don't you overinvest!

Unless you are in zest!

Unless you are a tracker!

Unless you fear a smoking alpaca!

Because the meme

Wanks it all

Yes, the meme

Wanks it all

Even in Dreamwidth

Wanks it all

The meme wanks it aaaaallll!

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