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Vividcon Bans Babies, a.k.a. Vividcon and Slingbabies

cartoon of a mother carrying a baby in a slingWhile it was not quite our first topic, it comes very close, with multiple threads on the first page. Even now, many consider this to be the reason for our founding.

The run-down: Some mothers who didn't want to leave their children at home over the con tried to campaign to be allowed to bring them along, including into screenings. Eventually this morphed into triggerwank and warningwank. See Vividcon and Ableism for details.

First-page threads on babbies at Vividcon:

Also involved were Amadi, who compared being a nursing mother to being a wheelchair user (discussion here); and Ruthi, who argued at some_stars' place that banning babies = “limiting women's freedom of movement.”

Some later threads on babbies at Vividcon in the first meme post:

  • A query as to how many of the slingmamas who think their infants won't know what's happening onscreen also played them Beethoven while they were still in utero (page 3)
  • Thread covering both the slingbaby wank and the VVC ableism wank: “My grudge is against the rhetoric emerging now that says adults-only spaces (so no kids allowed) or risk-taking spaces (so everyone knows that the warnings in this particular space are likely to be insufficient and/or the amount of triggery content high) are not acceptable. After all, male-only universities weren't acceptable either! Everyone should be comfortable and welcome everywhere! Separate-but-equal is wrong, and this is the same thing as segregation!” (page 5)
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