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Involved in Vividcon wank (here), used the tone argument on a disabled woman.

“That's why I love this story so much–because a young desi author is restoring to a long dead woman the voice that it has taken a century of nationalism and anti-imperialism and subaltern studies and anti-communalism and, of course, feminism to find.”


“I should say that while I am 99.9% sure I know the friend who wrote this, it is possible that I am wrong, and that perhaps the writer is not even desi. In which case, I would heap even more accolades on the writer.”

It turned out that the author, Lionpyh, was white. She responded to Deepad's post, saying:

“I would like the story better if it were by a desi author, for the reasons Deepa wrote about: reclamation, instead of a claim by a foreigner. The fact of that different authorship would make it a different story without changing a word. She described it as post-colonial: I suspect it is not, that it can’t be, when one knows that I have written it.”

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