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"Are you a velociraptor?" began as a parody of Kynn's trademark “Are you trans?” and/or Winterfox's trademark “Are you white?” questions, but on f_fa it has taken on a life of its own. Examples:

11% of Gentle Failers responding to the April/May 2012 survey identified themselves as velociraptors who meme only on Pancake Full Moon Thursday. The velociraptor population is evenly distributed around the globe, although it is unclear how many of these saurian respondents are time-traveling residents of the lunar base, and the survey was shockingly noninclusive of trans-species saurian identities, as well as the meme's even more neglected population of proud pterodactyls and therian othersaurs.

In July 2012, Ur-Sunny posted a photo of her favorite soft drink, Diet Mountain Fury, along with a velociraptor.


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