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Original Male Dog

Teen Wolf bestiality macro

In an October 2012 thread about Teen Wolf “officially replac[ing] Supernatural as the most…passionate fandom now,” where “passionate” should read “really kinky,” one NA replied:

Right? The dog-on-man porn is so prevalent that apparently they're tired of reading about their real pets. Supernatural is the only fandom where I've seen kinkmeme requests like “Jensen/OMD (original male dog)”.

A few weeks later, in a thread about ridiculously redundant AO3 tags, another nonny observed:

But you know what I don't see in there?

Original Male Dog.

(Which is as it should be, sinc imho OMD oughta be a canonical top-level tag, not synned in with less bestiality-kink-indicating OCs.)

Two months later, this nonny's wish was granted by an anonymous wrangling fairy:

Wrangleranon here - Original Male Dog is now a canonical Character tag! Male Dog/works

But the OMD is not universally loved, even in his absence:

Great going! As if we hadn't enough mis-wrangled tags already, now we are creating them on demand. A tag stating the absence synned to a tag stating the presence, really great going. If they couldn't do without the twee tags, they could have used "Original Male Dog in comments only". Thanks on validating the wrong and useless use of tags.

Meanwhile, there is yet no sign of the OMD's distaff counterpart:

What I want to know:

Where is the Original Female Dog OFD fic? And if you have OFD/OFD fic, would the pairing be called “Bitch, Please”.

There has also been more explanation about why //original// male dogs in SPN fandom as well as the (longtime fan favorite) Real Male Dog:

it's Original Male Dog, which started getting more use after one of the actor's RL dogs died, and some people felt it was tacky to continue to use him in fics. Which you know says it all about my fandom, we're okay with the dog fucking, but we want to be sensitive about which dog we use.

And of course at least one OMD request has shown up in the Fic Recs threads:

Fic Recs?!?! - OMD/f - For any fandom - does it exist? (Answer: yes, of course.)

At least two Original Male Dogs are known to frequent FFA.

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