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“Are you trans?”

—Kynn, way too fucking many times, to anybody who disagreed with her on transgender issues. This was the origin of the parody phrase "Are you a velociraptor?"

Kynn Bartlett, a/k/a Keeva on Dreamwidth, is perhaps the epitome of an SJ warrior. Her superpower is alienating people.

Kynn's ex, Moofable, called her out in July 2011 as having raped him at Wiscon a few months before. Moofable and his significant other Alexandra Erin decided to call out Kynn in the wake of her creation and promotion of a feminist RPG. “She does not deserve to be a well known and respected feminist. It's gross that she gets to play the part.”

After Moofable confronted Kynn on Twitter, she sent him a series of emails meant to intimidate him, then put up a long post intended to make herself look like the "real" victim but actually made her look like an abuser.

Various SJWs seemed to jettison their commitment to fighting rape culture when Moofable's accusations surfaced:

... I am still utterly disheartened, baffled, and disgusted that a community which retweeted #Mooreandme to the high heavens and will call for a round of furious signal-boosting at someone calling someone else “moron” suddenly finds that “purporting to be a feminist doesn't require [them] to turn off [their] brain and not look at things critically” when the accused is one of their own. And commenting is turned off, because I absolutely do not have the spare temper right now for the same old tired, bullshit rape apologia to be trotted out in a new suit made of jargon half-understood from Sociology 101.

Or, as a Gentlefailer said, “Name a cat 'Vindaloo' and get defensive when people say it's racist, you are scum of the earth. Rape someone and we'll give you the benefit of the doubt.”

Per nonnies, Kynn has also //“bemoaned the lack of support groups for rapists”// and //“ask[ed] her victim for support group referrals.”//

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