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From what I've seen her MO is to jump head-first into a wank, come up with a pithy soundbite that doesn't actually work and maybe not necessarily have anything to do with the discussion, then backpedal furiously and passive-aggressively whine about how she's never sure if people hold grudges against her after “disagreeing” with her stances.

July 6, 2010

Most of us at DW hate her too.

July 7, 2010

Elfwreck, known simply as Elf on Dreamwidth, is to fandom-related wank what Amy Winehouse was to celebrity trainwrecks. She was an early topic of Gentlefailer discussion, thanks to Vividcon slingbaby wank (see here for one of her comments, this thread for discussion).

She is perhaps most notorious for having brought the SJ warrior community Linkspam to a grinding halt with her fail over the Lambda Literary Awards. Elfwreck challenged the Lambda Literary Foundation's decision to restrict GLBT awards to GLBT people, instead of including heterosexual slash writers, of which she is one. The Linkspam fallout can be seen here and here; the community did not survive long after.

In Oct. 2010, meme discussed the involvement of both Elfwreck and Kynn in Linkspam's downfall.

October 12, 2015, a nonnie linked a post from Elfwreck's Dreamwidth, in which she said “I will write 100 words for every $10 of donations, in any fandom I know. (Or fandoms I don't know, if you want fic that's probably wildly OOC and probably cracky.) Provide fandom, character/s, and a short prompt (i.e. “bubbles” or “knife play,” not “a visit to the new Disney center on Mars, which has a faulty gravity mechanism in the ferris wheel”) and I'll write you a drabble or better.” Some minor wank about whether selling fic was ethical ensued.

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