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“It's the cancer that is killing Fandom”

July 6, 2010

Linkspam is a defunct SJW community on Dreamwidth that was active from May 2009 to April 2010. Its purpose was to collect links to posts on LJ, DW, and elsewhere about the SJ controversies of the day and discuss them. Its founder, the perpetually wanky Elfwreck, would drop into the threads of posts being collected to announce (welcome or not) that the post would be featured at LS.

In late September 2009, Elfwreck's vocal opposition to the Lambda Literary Foundation's decision to restrict GLBT awards to GLBT people provoked a great deal of anger and marked the beginning of the community's end. She was soon asked to step down as a mod, which she did.

Linkspam went on hiatus from October 2009 to until New Year's 2010; it sputtered along for a few more months with barely any participation until it went on permanent hiatus.

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