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Ithiliana (“Ith” for short), is an aca-fan SJ warrior with a long history of wankiness.

Ith and fail_fandomanon

Ithiliana decided to “study” f_fa academically, in relation to SJ discussions in fandom, without asking any permission. Relevant posts of hers:

Her attempts to gather “survey” information directly from Gentlefailers were about as subtle as you might imagine.

And this, my friends, made me throw up in my mouth a little. I don't want to be 'studied' or 'observed' or 'watched how I interact with majority groups'. Take your fucking academic niche that you created for yourself because you can't take the heat of a mainstream or semi-mainstream playground and fuck off.”

Another reaction here.

Ith and Kynn

After SJ warrior Kynn was accused of rape, Ithiliana refused to cut ties with her or denounce her. Gentlefailers discussed this, among other places, here. The first linked Ithiliana post rails against f_fa for breaking her f-lock, which our mods denounced. In that post, she links to the one that had previously been locked (and is the second link in the f_fa post).

The older post can be summarized as follows: “I have all these CRISES going on in my life, so I can't POST about the Kynn thing publicly, but also I was triggered by Jack's post because of my own history, and so this is all about ME ME ME ME ME, and if you don't like it, FUCK YOU.” Some memers found it difficult to empathize with Ithiliana, despite her history of trauma, given her track record of bullying people over far more minor things.

Ith and Tavella

Best summarized here: “Ithiliana said something under flock about being frustrated with her graduate students, Tavella insulted her, Ithiliana overreacted and Tavella overreacted right back.”

Tavella revealed that Ith complained a lot about anonmemes under f-lock. An anonymous comment in her thread: “I feel that it's an unfortunate side-effect of the current atmosphere of discourse that it's impossible to say anything, even as a disprivileged person, that doesn't fit the acceptable mode.” Ithiliana, for her part, put up a long post about her credentials and her trials and tribulations in academia.

More f_fa discussion of this here.

Ith edits the OTW's journal

Snark about how Ith took something simple and made it complex — “like a reverse Babelfish.”

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