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Vividcon and Ableism

Vividcon wank began over the banning of babies from the convention, but it quickly morphed into wank over ableism, triggers, and warnings. In short, various disabled fans were upset at what they perceived as a lack of accessibility, and some of them were mainly worried about being triggered by the videos.


Various untitled f_fa threads:

  • "I'm fucking pissed that a bunch of BNFs cosigned this [note: that post has since been locked] and nobody noticed. And this was posted way before people started to get crazy and talk about breastfeeding and so forth. It's just totally, 'Disabled people? Rape victim who doesn't want to read about rape? HYPERSENSITIVE PUSSIES.'“
  • Vids without warnings are harmful to people and vidders that won't warn are hurting others. The 'Choose Not To Warn' vidders are selfish and want to hurt others.“
  • The biggest reason I'm canceling attending VVC is the people tripping over each other to appear as my best friend. I'll get people in my face constantly because I have a disability. I want to be any other person at the Con and not someone to be asked what's wrong.“
  • Ugly thread started by another rape survivor, trying to argue whether Impertinence was “raped enough” to count as a rape survivor. Frozen by mod.
  • Facetious thread on “competing accessibility claims,” e.g., demanding a warning for rape vs. being triggered by the word “rape.”
  • Thread covering both the ableism wank and the VVC slingbaby wank: “My grudge is against the rhetoric emerging now that says adults-only spaces (so no kids allowed) or risk-taking spaces (so everyone knows that the warnings in this particular space are likely to be insufficient and/or the amount of triggery content high) are not acceptable. After all, male-only universities weren't acceptable either! Everyone should be comfortable and welcome everywhere! Separate-but-equal is wrong, and this is the same thing as segregation!”

Finally, there is this //Braveheart//-level speech by a disabled Gentlefailer with triggers who states that neither Vom_Marlowe nor Impertinence speaks for hir. It has become the text of our Triggers page. Interestingly, some anon linked Impertinence to it (discussed here). She took it surprisingly well.

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