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Clexa(,) Fucked

Lexa and Clarke staring into each other's eyesOn March 4, 2016, midway through The 100 episode “Thirteen”, a Clarke/Lexa shipper decided to gloat at their ship having sex onscreen—and, perhaps more importantly, winning the victory of canonicity over rival ship Clarke/Bellamy. Their threadstarter, including title, was as follows.

(stay salty, bellarkers)


Very shortly after that posting, the character Lexa abruptly died.

Someone had to

Predictably, there was then wank about whether or not this death was homophobic. Lexa's actress was leaving the show, so her character was due to be written out in any case; however, the fact that she died immediately after consummating her relationship with female main character Clarke was still seen as bad and offensive writing. Though nonnies were, of course, ready to argue the latter point—at length.

The swift turnaround became meme legend. While it's generally agreed that the incident sucked for shippers, the comic timing gave this wank meme meme status.

… And then there was more wank about whether the meme joke was, itself, homophobic. Years worth, in fact.

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