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Deliver Us From Uncertainty

Deliver Us (from from uncertainty)


2014-05-03 09:30 pm (UTC)

(to the tune of: )

Wank… Trolling… Drama… SJ… Faster!

Wank… And post… Trolling… And Post

Drama… And *page mods*… Post… Faster!

With the threads of debate on my comp's screen

The pros and cons of each side do expound

Mighty Mods, we beg you

Can you hear your nonnies cry?

Tell us now

This same hour…

Deliver us

Hear our call

Deliver us

O Sunnies, we beg you please

Remember us here in this endless wait

Deliver us

There's some news you promised us

Deliver us from uncertainty…

O meme, I have nothing I can give

But this song that we may live

I hope we can move on

If the mods can tell us soon

Deliver us

Hear our plea

Deliver us

From uncertainty

LJ or DW

We don't care anymore now

Deliver us

There will be news, you promised us

Deliver us

Out of waiting now

Deliver us the announcement please…

Hush now, dear nonnies

Be calm, please don't cry

Wait as we post some fic recs

Wait and remember our long history

And know that we have weathered worse, yes

Dememe, o dememe

Work always for us

Such precious wanking you bear

Do you know somewhere

our comm can thrive in?

Dememe, deliver us there…

Meme, please be whole soon

And whole may we stay

For I have a wish just for us:

Unite, dear nonnies

Don't leave us for

Where would we be without you?

Deliver us

Give us SOMETHING, please let us know

And deliver us from uncertainty!

Please tellll usssss!


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