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Leave it to Deepa

The night after Election Day 2012 in the U.S., one nonny linked to a post by DeepaD “side-eyeing everyone who's happy Obama was reelected.” Deepa was angry about the U.S.'s use of drones in Pakistan, which increased during Barack Obama's first term as president.

What resulted was mainly countrywank between American anons and other anons, with little to do with Deepa herself. The biggest wankers on either side were defensive Americans saying things like, //"I think people who don't get US politics should shut the fuck up about them"// and painting Pakistan as equally culpable for the war, and an obvious troll riposting with such sentiments as, "So much love for your sick country! Such enjoyment at having bloody hands! Wear your pride well, no one else begrudges you carrying that burden.“ The latter was compared to Winterfox.

The thread also featured third-party voting wank, plus a nonny who announced that she didn't vote and said she was from a Catholic Worker family, and supplied more of her background and "cred" later on. At one point, she said to someone snarking her for not voting, //"I'll hazard a guess that I engage with democracy, laws, and ideologies which actually effect people's lives more than you do."// Elsewhere in the mega-thread, one nonny wondered whether CatholicWorker!nonny was the Magdalene Laundry Troll.

A few swipes at CatholicWorker!nonny for her “complicity in an international conspiracy to aid and abet the rape of children” got shut down as religious wank.

Other highlights of this wank: The foreign-policy edition of "Why did you go out wearing that short skirt?" (with a clever Todd Akin joke made in response), a rehashing of the "die cis scum" debate (the latter thread turned into an Oppression Olympics discussion), and this: ”+1, also, welcome to the left-leaning circular firing squad. Even fundy Christians forgive one another after they catch each other snorting coke off the asses of gay escorts.“

Someone tried to revive the wank two pages later, with a little discussion but mostly a lot of eyerolling. A later attempt was even less successful.

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