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Magdalene Laundry Troll

In an “Ask Me Anything” thread (one of our Common Threads) in October 2012, one nonny wrote, “I spent a year and a half in a Magdalene asylum.” She claimed she was sent there in the 1970s when she was 17 because she had a baby outside of marriage.

The thread was frozen, as was a thread in the personal post asking about organizing “an internet 'hole in the ground'? A place where people who have these kinds of experiences could tell their stories.” This puzzled the meme, especially because Ur-Sunny said she froze the thread “for violating the 'dont be that much of an asshole rule'.”

Finally, Backup_Sunny announced:

Magdalene OP was one of a very few trolls so dedicated and persistent that we recognize their IP. And every time they're here, they've got a completely new life story and identity.

Which on its own is fine. We always let 'em troll on, because they weren't doing anything that was going to get anyone hurt. But this crossed a line into potential real harm.

We knew we'd look like assholes, and we chose that rather than letting it continue.

On a side note, one nonny complained in the religion thread about the use of the No True Scotsman fallacy employed by one commenter, which engendered more wank. This was also frozen.

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