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Meme generally subscribes to the time-honored principle that Your Kink Is Not My Kink And That's Okay—but nonnies find the acronym YKINMKATO unwieldy and hard to remember. Cue the fateful approximation:

“I really miss the days of kinktomato, or whatever the fuck that longass acronym is. Where did that philosophy go?”

While this was not the first use of the KINKTOMATO misreading/nickname (on meme or indeed elsewhere), it was the one that caught nonnies' imaginations.

“I'm not alone! I keep reading it as 'your kink is my tomato', which sounds like 'Yer keeeenk is mah tomat-oh!' (said really fast) in my head.”

KINKTOMATO threads became common as places to discuss kinks, especially those potentially unwelcome in namespace. TROPEPOTATO (“your place to discuss your favorite non-kink tropes, but still within the nightshade family”) and SQUICKCILANTRO are the less-common spinoffs.

And of course, a nonny made a kinktomato icon for the mods.

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