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Dogfuck Rapeworld


“I'll have you know that dogfuck rapeworld is a way of LIFE, how dare you!”

September 30, 2013

“Dogfuck Rapeworld” is FFA’s favorite term for omegaverse, also known as alpha/beta/omega (A/B/O). For the unfamiliar, omegaverse is a genre of AU fic that arose in //Supernatural// fandom in 2011, based on outdated theories of canine pack and mating behavior. The genre is fully explained on, and the writer Netweight has written a fandom history of omegaverse titled “The nonnies made them do it!”

The phrase “Dogfuck Rapeworld” originated in a series of September 2013 troll comments:

A/B/O is dogfucker porn for people who won’t admit theyre into bestiality, and it is disgusting, and anybody who would actually want to live in fantasy rapey pseudo-dogfuck land is gross.”

anyone who can give living in an A/B/O dogfuck rapeworld two seconds of thought and actually come up with a reasoned response is gross.”

A nonny responded, “My next band will be an Anal Cunt tribute band called Dogfuck Rapeworld. Thanks, ’nona.”

Shortly thereafter, meme naturally took the phrase and ran with it/adopted it/smished it/called it George. Two nonnies expressed affection for the troll who came up with the phrase. At least one nonny hoped it would take over as the official tag on AO3. In fact, the author of a well-known AO3 meta on a/b/o hinted in FFA that she “is going to finally post the fourth part, and is desperately trying to figure out how best to incorporate the phrase dogfuck rapeworld.

Within a month, meme had become so blasé about the term that some gentlefailers were hoping the trope would be replaced in popularity by “Mantisfuck Rapeworld.” Many other variations on the phrase have since arisen: Catfuck Barbworld, Gladiatorfuck Deathworld, Aphidfuck Beeworld (reference), Sparrowfuck Eggworld, and a variety in this thread on non-canid A/B/O alone (e.g., Ratfuck Phantomworld, Slugfuck Stabworld, Anglerfishfuck Horrorworld).

On a side note, DFRW Nonny took their act over to yuletide_coal:

Dogfuck rapeworld nonny wasnt really butthurt about bodily fluids being banned, dogfuck rapeworld nonny is just baffled by the specific kind of social failure you need to be to find normal bodily functions more distasteful than rapey pseudo-bestiality.

I mean, if you need to tell yourself the only reason to be disgusted by some people are just born to get banged by dogcocks whether or not they want that when they're not ~in heat~’ is because youre a bunch of sensitive snowflakes who cant handle the worlds tamest trolling, go for it, but thats not actually the case.

- that nonny <3

Elsewhere on _coal they've claimed, A/B/O is bestiality for people not brave enough to say they want bestiality. They deserve coal for being cowards.

In June 2014, a nonny gamely attempted to translate a Japanese primer on A/B/O — and threadfailed, and wound up at the top of page four. They were embarrassed for a while, especially as the threadfail has continued to be joked about good-naturedly. In late January 2015 they remarked, “I’m glad to see that my moment of stupidity continues to provide meme with entertainment. This incident has now been commemorated with its own page: Omegaverse Comic Translation Threadfail.

DFRW comes up on meme all the time. Here are some other noteworthy instances:

In April 2015, a nonny asked for “the origin [of the] Animal-fuck Noun-World meme? And what are the others?” They were directed to this page.

Finally, no discussion of Dogfuck Rapeworld would be complete without a link to… //The Dogscape//. (Meme discussion.)

Image at top right is from 221babyblog. Click through to view a larger version.

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