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Omegaverse Comic Translation Threadfail

one page from the a/b/o primer

[Omega #2] Yaoi hole not needed….

— What Omegaverse does for you. Nonny's translation.

It all began in a Things You Wouldn't Admit Unanon thread. One nonny mentioned the rise of the a/b/o trope, a/k/a Dogfuck Rapeworld, on the Japanese-language fanworks site Pixiv.

Another nonny found an illustrated primer by artist ShibaHajime illustrating the finer aspects of Omegaverse, as a/b/o is always known in Japanese. A translation was requested, and yet another nonny promised to deliver.

To the deep mortification of Translator!Nonny, not only did they threadfail, but their comment wound up at the top of page four. Meme was too busy enjoying this rather adorable perspective on men with uteruses in their rectums to mind (no dog dick included, sorry!).

(Image to right is from page 11 of the primer by ShibaHajime.)

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