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ctsc or commenting to see comments is a common tradition on FFA. Though (newer) gentlefailers often ask what it means.

It dates back to the elder days of a year and more ago, after LiveJournal's then-new caching techniques meant that, often, people refreshing a post while logged-out (or from a mobile device even logged in) would be served an old version of the page which did not show new comments. Unless they performed certain maneuvers.

Memers used to comment with just a period, but that was confusing and looked like spam. A nonnie started using "ctsc" instead. Naturally gentlefailers came up with alternate versions of what ctsc stood for while ctsc-ing.

Several tips that work so you'll (probably) never have to ctsc again:

Ask the mods to be banned. It's fun! It's great! You'll never again anonfail while logged in, and you won't ever again have that pesky disappearing-comments (because you're logged out)!

Otherwise, How to avoid ctsc

  • “Look at the address bar. The URL should end with something like “page=2#comments”

Erase the ”#comments“ part and replace it with a random string of letters, like abcd. So your address should look like “page=2abcd”
Hit enter.
Boom! Comments! :D”

  • “You don't have to erase the #comments, just put the random string between the = and it. Also, I think the string has to have a ? infront of it but I'm not sure.”

How do I update the page and see new comments/threads without submitting a new comment everytime?

  • “For many of us, what works well is:

- Use two browsers. One where you're logged in and simple refresh lets you see all new comments. When you want to reply to a comment, copy the link address of that comment to your other browser where you aren't logged in, and post your comment there.
- Use one browser, stay logged in so simple refresh works to see all comments, and when you want to reply to a comment, remember to copy the link address of that comment into a new tab and LOG OUT before you reply to it. Then log back in to see other new comments. Optional enhancement: ask ffa mods to pre-emptively ban you so you won't be able to hit “Post comment” while still logged in. Or just be a proud occasional anonfailer.”

  • “Do the old “pudding” bookmarklets/scriptlets still work? If yes, they might help the OP:

  • “I've had good luck adding backslashes between the page number and #comments (the last section of the URL would read page=8\#comments). Just keep adding more to update again.”
  • “Get the URL for any thread already visible on the page, paste it into the address bar, replace “thread” with “view”, and hit enter.”
  • “What works for me is adding random keysmash arguments to the end of the URL.

For example, if I wanted to see the latest comments/threads on Page 4 of this post, I'd try something like:
You'll have to keep changing the arguments if you want to update the page again.”

  • “I add &style=<random letters> at the end of the URL, and change the random letters as required.”
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