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Winterfox Supporters

Numerous members of fandom, sf/f writers and editors, and social justice bloggers have stood by Winterfox since her outing in late 2014 as a harasser and blackmailer. Some of this is due to a misguided (to put it kindly) sense of solidarity with her as a woman of color, despite her being obscenely rich and despite her having targeted many WoC in her reign of terror. Some of it may be due to Winterfox’s having blackmail material against them. And a few of these people find her behavior amusing.

Committed Supporters

Concern Trolls

These people have not come right out and expressed support for Winterfox, but they sure seem mighty, mighty concerned about the effects that the Mixon Report will supposedly have on fandom, or (in the case of Simone) they feel equally terrible for everyone involved.

Former Supporters

These people have ceased to support Winterfox.

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