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Mikki “Karnythia” Kendall is a long-time LJ user who has been involved in numerous wanks, especially on the subjects of race and parenting. In the aftermath of RaceFail '09, she and other fans of color tried to start a publishing venture called Verb Noire, but it went under due to malfeasance on the part of one of her partners.

Dead Baby Checkup

Karnythia is especially notorious for checking up on a woman who claimed on LJ that her baby had died. Karnythia and some of her friends from various drama communities decided that the woman didn't 'sound' like someone whose baby had just died, based on her online comments, so they began harassing her. After someone worked out where the woman lived, Karnythia looked up funeral homes in the area and identified the one that the woman's baby would have gone to, then called them to see if there really was a dead baby. When the funeral director confirmed that there was, she posted this online, and the drama communities began wondering if the baby was perhaps a relative's (in which case the woman would still be lying about 'her' baby dying) or if the woman had neglected or killed her own baby. Summary discussion by Gentlefailers here, and additional discussions here, here, and here.

Discussions on Race, Parenting, and other Social Justice Issues

Karnythia has been involved in several discussions on racism, cultural appropriation, and other social justice issues. But although she purports to stand for social justice and oppose racism, she's been known to talk over people who are detailing their own oppression, especially non-black People of Color.

A typical discussion that she participated in on Kynn's LJ, for example, resulted in one Gentlefailer noting:

That whole thread is blowing my mind. A conversation about Native American culture and the only actual Native American commenting (rayvenge) gets basically told they're wrong and shut up by someone non-native karnythia, and then banned by a white person (kynn) for not agreeing with said white person about racism. What the fuck.

More recently, she has complained on twitter about non-black People of Color 'appropriating' or 'taking over' the Oscars So White movement, which was started to protest the lack of PoC nominations for the Best Actor/Actress Oscars and which was seen by some to be focusing on black actors and actresses to the exclusion of other PoC who were also not being represented.

She has reacted with similar hostility towards people promoting views of parenting she disagrees with. For instance, a //Christian Science Monitor// article on Olympian Gabby Douglas and her mother so infuriated Karnythia that she wrote of its author, “I want her crying so…time to actually be mean.” Gentlefailer reaction.


It has been commonly said on f_fa that Karnythia has gotten more and more militant and paranoid since she began keeping close company with Gisei Nashi Ni, a/k/a Riley.

Karnythia is also a supporter of Winterfox, and apparently does not consider endorsing Winterfox's abusive behavior to in any way contravene her ostensible anti-abuse principles.

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