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Jaythenerdkid, who used to be “bewarethespork” on LiveJournal, caused some wank in meme’s earliest days by complaining about her “friends” there, with details that had been friends-locked on their journals, and anon-failing while doing so. After five years during which she was barely if ever discussed on meme, she resurfaced as a Winterfox defender.

Early-meme Jay wank

Jay's first appearance on FFA was when she was still bewarethespork and the place was only two months old. On Sep. 19, 2010, in response to a post encouraging others to namedrop and dish dirt on non–comics-fandom BNFs, she replied, [A]nd have to put up with her and her friends raging about how someone is targeting their poor little delicate flower selves on a meme? at least if I don’t actually write her name, she can’t make it All About Her. plausible deniability.” When prodded, she name-dropped LJ user ems.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the same post around the same time, she anonfailed while smearing ems, and then she deleted her comment. The anonfail made her identity as the author of the above-quoted anti-ems comment obvious to meme trackers, and another nonny added, “Wouldn’t be the first time she’s broken flock and bitched about her flist on anonmemes.

Further down in the same thread, she left a comment titled, “I’m going to un-anon and own up to my shittiness,” in which she admitted to having complained anonymously about her “friend” ems on the meme. She copypasted the letter she'd sent ems, in which she said she'd been “having a bad day, so I vented by being a really shitty friend and bitching about you on the failmeme.” Nonnies were not impressed:

Yeah, you own your mistakes only when you realize you can’t run away from then. If you were truly honest, you wouldn’t have groveled for us not to call you out on it; you wouldn’t have deleted your anon-fail comment; you wouldn’t come on an anon meme and backstabbed your frand.

Bitch, you effed up.

Another nonny amended that comment: “backstab friends - serial offender that way. Trusting this one under friends lock is the height of stupidity.”

In the same post on the same day — in fact, within the hour in which she badmouthed ems — BTS posted this comment complaining that “a friend of a friend really, really dislikes me, even though we’ve never spoken and i’ve never said anything negative about this person,” and that this person was “reaching out to other mutual friends and spreading their lies. ” This prompted an unanon comment from LJ user prof_pangaea, who’d been pointed to BTS’s comment by a friend:

hello, bewarethespork. it’s true, we’ve barely spoken to each other in the past. however, you were, until recently, on the flists of several of my friends, so i’ve had plenty of opportunities to witness your massive wankiness in action. would you like to know some of the reasons i’ve avoided you for so long? here they are:

01: you’re a wank machine. calling doctor/rose fen CUNTS in 72 point boldface type; wanking about people on your flist on anonmemes [Prof. P linked to the thread about ems], repeatedly breaking flock and then pretending you’ve never done it – just the way you’d never say something anon that you wouldn’t say logged-in.

02: you’re a right-wing jerk. sorry, but i have less than no tolerance for people who support politicians and political policies that are all about eradicating me and the people i care about from the face of the planet, especiallly when those people then go on to whine that someone has the temerity to judge them for their political leanings. woes! someone on the internet doesn’t like me, just because i support a political party that tries to deprive them of their human rights! i thought left-wingers were supposed to be ~tolerant~! ;____;

i have no idea what “fuckwittery” you think i'm engaged in, as i’ve spread no lies (or even truths); all i did was leave you, to your face, two comments in the journal of a friend. but whatevs, obviously i can never measure up to the example of someone who loves to repeatedly break flock and bitch about their friends in anonymous fora.

BTS’s response was to accuse Prof. P. of breaking LJ user lizbee’s f-lock and asserting, “The one time I posted about her anonymously (without even breaking her flock), I felt so bad when I saw her reaction that I came out and admitted it was me even though she’d have had no way of knowing it was me if I'd just stayed silent. I have a conscience. Where’s yours?” Prof. P. replied that, before her previous comment, she’d never commented on FFA before, and she had been close friends with Lizbee for years. “so, i’d give you points for effort on your wank-stirring, but it was actually a rather pathetic attempt.”

Meme revisited this wank in late October 2010. A nonny summarized here. (It was noted that Lizbee is also wanky.) BTS showed up asking any nonnies who were defending her to please stop doing so and to stop “run[ning Lizbee] into the ground.” Nobody replied to her.

Jay defends Winterfox

Jay fell off the FFA radar until summer 2015, when she emerged as one of Winterfox’s defenders on Twitter. The OP of a July 11 thread posted an Asymbina tweet that mentioned “@jaythenerdkid”. Another nonny who was “somewhat familiar” already with Jay said they were “less than surprised by them joining the Winterfox fan club. It’s actually kind of amazing (and dismaying) how many different toxic wankers she’s drawn in under her banner from all different corners of the SJ-oriented internet.”

In the same thread, another nonny’s memory was triggered: “Bewarethespork! That used to be her LJ and she used to come to meme in the early days. IIRC she left after being caught posting friendslocked info unanon. Nice to see shes finally getting all the attention she craved so much.” A few comments down, Jay's early meme wankery was linked.

About a month later, a nonny linked a few tweets of hers in Winterfox’s defense, which implied that the “Requires Hate” blog was only ever about “literary criticism” and that the only reason Winterfox is getting slammed for it is racism. “I love the smell of revisionism in the morning, especially from someone who used to hang out here (and then anonfailed spectacularly when badmouthing others).”

In early September, Jay posted a softball interview with Winterfox. The article was very quickly scrubbed from the site RainbowHub but soon came back up; in the interim, a copy was saved on the Wayback Machine, and one nonny took a screencap of it. Meme’s discussions of the interview yielded the following observations:

  • It seems to be a basic ‘please forgive other bad people get forgiven!’ Yeah well I don’t like the sad puppies either.”
  • ‘...unlike Sridaungkaew [sic]//,// who remained pretty disengaged even when Laura J Mixon won an award for a poorly-researched and largely unsubstantiated hit piece.’ She flipped the fuck out from what I remember.”
  • Do they just assume if they keep saying completely untrue things they'll magically start being true?”
  • I wonder if the systematic misspelling of ‘Sriduangkaew’ is intentional… That would be one way to get to the top of the Google search for at least some searches. Or maybe the level of ‘journalism’ in that article is just so low that they can’t even get the interviewee’s name correct.”

Nonnies are fairly certain that Jaythenerdkid is also “Édouard Brière-Allard,” author of a nearly 56,000-word defense of Winterfox. “She’s trying to manipulate search results by creating and linking pages that say what she wants. I see that taking up reputation services taught her a thing or two; this is a shade more sophisticated than her old MO of furiously deleting everything.”

As for why the article was initially taken down, a nonny notes that an apparent Sad Puppy in its comments “complains about her libeling Lou Antonelli. Maybe the site took the article down as a precaution to avoid a possible lawsuit.” Another nonny replies, “For someone who claims to be so down on the Puppies, she’s spent far more time ranting about the only non-Puppy nominee winning Best Fan Writer.” Comments were disabled on the article after it reappeared, lending credence to the theory that the takedown was in response to the Puppy in the comments.

On the bright side, Jay inspired a nonny to wax poetic about her.

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