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My body is bound with guitar strings, nipples like fawn's hooves strumming E minor chords and finger-picking a Path through resonant briars, redolent of the desert bellies of blue lizards.

A penner of coalescing words that flow in strident rivulets of the deepest violet. Or, y'know, a really pretentious genre writer by the name of Catherynne M. Valente.

Her user handle used to be “yuki_onna,” but in 2012 she started using her real name instead — because the old handle was Japanese, and some other crazy people think it's appropriative! She claimed that she originally took the username to force herself to identify with Japan, which obviously failed. But she wants you to know she isn't a weeaboo who fetishizes and objectifies all Japanese things while placing the country on a shiny pedestal of admiration. She fetishizes and objectifies Japanese people in her books while holding the real ones in deepest contempt, thank you very much. The post about her hikikomori life in Japan and loathing thereof has been flocked since to preserve whatever SJ cred she unexplainably holds.

Most infamously, she has repeatedly asked her flist for money to bail her out of her own stupidity, such as buying a house on the coast of Maine that she couldn't possibly afford.

“Wow…there is an entire wiki about what a shitty person I am.”

- @catvalente on Twitter, August 3, 2012


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