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Nick Mamatas

y2pyrk7.jpgNick Mamatas (mamatas on Ello, nihilistic_kid on LJ, NMamatas on Twitter) is a SF/F and horror author and editor, massive troll, and Internet Tough Guy. Despite having positioned himself after Racefail ’09 as a staunch adversary of W!ll Sh3tt3rly, he is also a long-time defender of Winterfox, going back to at least the days when she was blogging as RequiresHate. This is in spite of the fact that she is from one of the wealthiest families in the world and he is a class warrior from a blue-collar background. Nonetheless, he confirmed in September 2014 that Requires Hate and Benjaun Sriduangkaew were the same person. He is also to blame responsible for kickstarting CatValente's career.

Greatest Hits

Aug. 3, 2012: Mamatas publicly mocked S/F writer Kari Sperring, who had attempted suicide after being bullied by Winterfox (see Winterfox, Pre-Outing for details and more links).

Oct. 5, 2014: When rumors that RH was BS began to spread, Mamatas inexplicably connected the two identities on a small, then-new site called Ello, saying that he was posting there because “Nobody reads Ello.” Per this nonny (Aug. ’15), he “said right out that he was outing her for her own good and also because authors were talking about it in private emails. It was on that huge post at Nicoll’s blog.”

The outing may have been with BS’s permission, because she has never blamed him for outing her and has instead accused many others of doing so. He said he knew her identity because he’d seen her contract as her editor for an anthology. This was very alarming to many writers on general principle, as editors are never supposed to out pseudonymous writers. FFA discussion.

Oct. 9, 2014: Nick lets everybody know how tuff he is: He’s dealt with real violence, so he’s not threatened by people talking shit on the internet! (This is not the first time he’s played ITG online; he did it most notably in this massive July 2011 flamewar on his LJ with Sh3tt3rly, which is mainly notable for one commenter calling WS an “extruded plastic dingus.” His actual martial art style is tai ch’i. Jet Li’s “Tai Ch’i Master” notwithstanding, that is not the kind of martial art you use to beat people up with. )

Oct. 12, 2014: On James Nicoll’s massive Winterfox thread, he continued to argue in this vein, including with women who were victims of WF. FFA discussion of the Nicoll thread: “Nick Mamatas is actually mocking women for being intimidated by RAPE THREATS and bragging about being a manly man who’s been in real fights, unlike those cowardly women who are scared of hyperbole.”

Same day: FFA discussion of Mamatas tweets, screencapping and mocking people who’d argued with him at Nicoll’s. In the first, he compares his Ello post to A Modest Proposal, meaning… it was satire? In the second, he compares apples to oranges and calls it “hypocrisy.” In the third, he glosses over Cassandra Claire’s plagiarism to portray her as a victim of “Livejournal United,” much the same way he implies that WF is one too. A nonny quoted in one of the caps says, “OH MY GOD! I hurt Nick Mamatas's butt so bad he WENT CRYING TO TWITTER. This is the best day.”

Oct. 14, 2014: Also in Nicoll’s giant thread, Nick said, “Now as far as why it is bad to expose a closed pseudonym of someone who splits her time between two dictatorships, even if they deny it and cry race, well, I’ll leave that to you.” Nonnies were confused as to why he outed her, then. This one broke it down:

Nick’s argument appears to be this: The Chinese and Thai governments might execute a troll if they found out her real name. But it doesn’t matter if Nick outs her to the entire internet, because those governments are incapable of using Google. They derive all their information from agents embedded within sf publishing, which is how they’d know if the troll got outed to a few editors.

Oct. 20, 2014: Mamatas publicly states that he helped edit, or possibly helped write, the pair of “apologies” that BS/RH wrote, one for each persona.

Oct. 21, 2014: After a nonny mocks him“he’s a thin-skinned little wretch who never misses an opportunity to tell everyone how badass (PUSH HANDS!) he is, and yet he freaks out if his pizza delivery order isn’t right” — he may have shown up at FFA to inform that nonny they were probably

a disgruntled pizza delivery driver who tried to give Mamatas a pizza once and he refused to pay because you were late, and when you tried to get physical with him he pushed you over with a single well placed palm, and you fell butt first into a wet puddle so you spent the rest of the shift looking like you'd shat yourself and you got mud all over the inside of your car.

But as you squished into your car seat at the end of the humiliating shift, you swore to the sky and the stray dog that was pissing on your wheel that one day, ONE DAY, you would track down this push-hands guy, track him down through the power of the internet, so that one day in a fail_fandomanon thread, you could insult him weakly using literally only the most utterly milquetoast of insults that are known to man!

So how does it feel, now that the day has finally come?

He may, in fact, have been arguing with an equally “anonymous” Sh3tt3rly.

Later the same day, a thread dedicated to Mamatas was started. Nonnies talk about how mild-mannered he supposedly is IRL (//“Classic internet tough guy”//). One says, “As a fully-certified Internet Butt Doctor I have a prescription for him: stand in front of a mirror and repeatI am not Warren Ellis 200 times.”

Nov. 6, 2014: More assholery from Mamatas on Twitter. He reassures Cat Valente that she didn’t mock Kari Sperring at all. He then says, “Now that negative reviews are threats and saying something more than once stalking I look forward to the next reissue of the Gor books. And all you middle-class white ladies had better like ’em.” Nonny: “Nick Mamatas is a fucking pig.” Another nonny: “Increasingly, I am getting the idea that Nick is just fucking delighted to be able to piss all over women with what he considers an ironclad excuse. I mean, I don’t call misogyny often… but in this case, yeah. I think he’s getting his jollies having an approved reason to savage the ‘ladies.’”

Nov. 12, 2014: Nonnies discuss why Mamatas thinks WF is/was a “superior reader.”

Nov. 24, 2014: Nick tweets a pic of a manatee, which may or may not be a “shout-out” to this wiki page.

**Dec. 5, 2014:** Mamatas and the Sweaterly One get into it on Twitter, dragging Sperring into the mess all over again. Nonnies discuss. They are not impressed by Mamatas’s butthurt over having had to wash dishes for spending money when he was in college. “I had to do that as part of a work-study program, and hated it, but do you see me endlessly blabbing about it decades later? jeez.”

Dec. 8, 2014: Kameron Hurley seems to have thrown in with Mamatas and WF, which nonnies lament. Hurley calls him “chaotic neutral,” and nonnies who’ve played D&D call bullshit on that.

Dec. 27, 2014: John Scalzi posts about copyright issues w/r/t the websites The Toast and the Butter. Mamatas was involved as well. Meme discussion. Consensus seemed to be that nobody came off well in this incident.

Mar. 17, 2015: More discussion of the whole “superior reader” thing. A nonny provides a link to Mamatas’s July 2012 post calling her such; he elaborated on this in comments, which nonnies found equally hilarious (and offensive, as he obliquely mocked Sperring again therein).

Apr. 7, 2015: A nonny quotes tweets in which Mamatas and diehard WF stan Asymbina complain about FFA’s inferior taste, hypocrisy because some of us read noncon fic, and “racism.” Nick claims we read nothing but fanfic; as nonnies point out, there’s a “Books” thread every post, and there’s also the Fuck You Winterfox Book Club.

Jul. 7, 2015: Meme discusses his actual books. Opinion was mixed on their enjoyability, but various nonnies state that his arrogance and abrasiveness come through on the page.

Aug. 25, 2015: A nonny posts a comment of his from File 770: “I’m actually Neutral Good, but am surrounded by Lawful Evil people who think they are Lawful Neutral.”

Sep. 3, 2015: On Twitter, Nick links to Édouard Sauk-Poupée and says, “The Only Way to Win a Hugo Now is to Write About Requires Hate :(” Meme discusses. “I think they [Mamatas and WF] feed off each other’s narcissism, like some sort of snake feasting on itself.”

Sep. 25, 2015: A nonny made Sims of Mamatas, various other fandom wankers, and a few MRAs, “and stuck them in a house together for the lulz.” Of Nick, they said, “Nick became a Private Detective and spent his time snooping through people’s trash cans. One tragic day, he was outside when he was struck by a meteor and died.”

Sep. 28, 2015: //“Nick Mamatas is a bigger asshole than I personally could imagine.”// This is the title of a thread discussing Nick’s arguments, flamebaiting, and general assholery on File 770 (e.g., referring to “beta males”). One nonny calls out this comment by Camestros Felapton as being right on the money:

I think he wanted a particular argument. When people didn’t respond according to script he did that sort of my-viewpoint-is-too-sophisticated-for-mere-mortals style that people who are trolling sometimes retreat to. When somebody eventually tried to discuss things in terms of why-it-might-not-be-the-worst-thing-to-make-jokes-about-Orthodox-Christian-Icons, he then responded with longer more substantive messages. That prior to his intervention nobody had been making fun of Orthodox Christian icons (and certainly nobody had been suggesting or even implying that people would be silly to venerate them) was ignored. The point was to establish that the people of fandom lack social intelligence (unlike apparently Nick M). He could then declare some new cryptic victory condition.

That nonny: “One of Nick's hobbyhorses is how socially incompetent fandom is and that's why people are in fandom (not HIM, of course).”

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