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Dobby-Hagrid Nonnies

“TangledImage is “Tangled Dreams,” (c)1999 Norma Peters

Chaos-chick3, whose classic Harry Potter fic “A House Elf’s Needs” includes the immortal line, “Dobby stretches, sir!”, is not the only Hagrid/Dobby shipper out there. We have some on meme. They first popped up in mid-September 2015, with this discussion:

– “Why does he need to enlarge anything? He can just crawl in.”
– “That's not the kind of dynamic I enjoy, but yeah theoretically, Dobby could become a house elf dildo of sorts for the larger man.”

A few days later, there was another thread about top!Dobby/bottom!Hagrid, and there was also “Dobrid” fic.

He was losing his nerve, if he had ever had it in the first place. The half-giant ordered him to come closer, booming with impatience:

“I've no time for yer dawdling, boy! Come 'ere now and give it to me!”

Dobby approached, his manhood in his tiny hands, which looked even smaller holding the enlarged heft. He gathered up all the courage he didn't know he had.

“Dobby will please Mister Hagrid, I promise,” his eyes glimmered, “here I go sir.”

He lined up his manhood with the half-giant's considerable entrance. A task so unlike his usual home-making duties was at hand. Slowly, all the while shaking with emotion, he pushed in.

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