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Pursuing Your Dreams

In February 2012, a Gentlefailer asked, “Pursuing your dreams, is all the hype BS?” They got a range of answers:

  • Classist mostly, but ableist, racist, sexist, whatever-ist works too.”
  • I think privilege/oppression combos can make achieving your dreams significantly harder for some people than others. I don't think that means we should stop telling people to work hard and aim high.”
  • Yes, we should all be encouraging others to never dare to dream for a better life or a different life, never put any effort into anything and to just sit around and do nothing. No more working for money, or studying for things, or even attempting to fight for civil rights, or learning how to use a sports wheelchair, or anything. Just sit there and take it and if your life sucks, too bad. /sarcasm”
  • Not in the least. People shouldn't have dreams and aspirations beyond what they should achieve is basically what you're saying. Yet there are people with disabilities who have achieved far more than the majority of able-bodied people, in arenas not generally thought of as those in which they should shine. Think that did that because people told them they should accept their limitations?”
  • Is there such a word as 'luckist?' Because I think that's what it is.”

There was also wank about baby boomers, as well as an obvious attempt at countrywank: “The replies to this thread are certainly American."

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