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Bad Bang

Surprise Buttsex!, a Pocket Monsters/Pokemon tribute 27, 2014: In a venting-type thread called “Thanks for Nothing,” a nonny complained, “Someone once drew stick figure art for my big bang, and my friend felt so sorry for me she made a fanmix for the story.” Another replied, “This just really makes me want to run a Bad Bang: deliberate badfic illustrated by people who can't draw.”

After various nonnies expressed interest, less than an hour later this comment appeared:

I'm trying a proof-of-concept.

You have 48 hours to write terrible badfic of any length in any fandom and post it to the collection.

And thus was the first Bad Bang born: 120 works in 107 fandoms, with a truly inspiring tag cloud.

On Sep. 15, the Bad Bang mod wrote, “Looking at the diary, I've got a quiet week. Which means it's time for…**Bad Bang II: Bang Backwards!** You have 48 hours to create bad fanart for any fandom in any style and post it to the collection.” After which participants wrote badfic to go with the badart. This Sep. 21 Fic Recs thread recommends some of the best worst results.

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