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Sunhawk is a SJW who used to be regularly seen around sf_drama, fanficrants, and related LJ communities. She has lambasted people for having rape kinks, including survivors of sexual violence who use such noncon fiction to cope. A direct quote:

People can fantasize about whatever they want without censor inside their own heads, but we are talking about the act of writing it down and sharing with the public. Once you are doing that AND treat your fiction as something intended to get people off sexually and that's ok and normal, you are contributing to rape culture. Are you familiar with the concept of rape culture, at all?

Another nonny snarks her here:

Sunhawk believes that rape is the very worst thing of all. So much so that it's okay to lecture to rape survivors on why it's not okay for them to write rape, because they're CONTRIBUTING to the CULTURE THAT GOT THEM RAPED, OKAY? She's only trying to help, guys.

Incidentally, if Sunhawk shut the fuck up forever and stopped speaking out for rape survivors, I for one would REALLY FREAKING APPRECIATE it, considering she pulled the same crap again today. Her concern trolling is fucking toxic.

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