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Canon recs/requests Specific characteristics of canon Specific fandoms
Rec a series (give 2 you like, get recced a 3rd) Best slice-of-life stories Fandom Tour Guide Thread
If you liked X, you should try Y Canons with great minor characters Fandom //Warning// Tour Guide
Is this any good? (book,game,comic...) Lesbian canon thread Mythology fandom online
Things you wish had fandoms Canon recs by character type Pirates
Love the Canon, Don't need fic Evil characters you have a crush on Hockey RPF - new hotness?
Fannish things you’re looking forward to in 2012 Adaptations better than the original One Piece nonnies (where to start?)
Should I keep reading/watching/playing? Favorite costume dramas (tv, movies) Homestuck anons (primer)
Enjoyed the canon all the way through Asian (Asian-hyphenate) characters in western fandom? Help for Wuxia noob? (Chinese fiction involving martial arts)
Bring forth the Loveraide (squee thread) Guess the character from the cliches Avengers fandom tour
Ask for canon reviews Stories about siblings MoviesMarvel comics (recs)
Ask for new canon recs here Femslashy canons Creating Dungeon & Dragon characters?
Pitch me a fandom Rare types of characters Nintendo DS
Canon Recs (2/18/12) Documentary recs Computer game recs
Canon Recs (3/4/12) Time Travel recs (mostly books) Opinions on fandoms
Your fandom version of comfort food? Best f/f fandom Cats: the musical
Ask/answer questions about your canon ITT Moments that make you cry Pottermore's finally open
If you like these... (try these) Most underrated comic books/graphic novels More Pottermore
The book vs the movie Sequels you're still waiting for Teahouse (web comic)
Manga recs Sad stories Avengers fandom guide
Canon Recs (3/19/12) Sure to cheer you up Pottermore sorting
Webcomic recs Fire-forged (m/f) friends? Unpopular Fandom Opinions
Fandom Education (ask questions) Fandom frustrations Webcomic Recs
Canon Recs (3/25/12) Characters you love Age of Sail info
Describe canon in ten words or less Pls rec me some fluffy fandoms Pottermore sorting - how does it work?
If Yuletide was RIGHT NOW Best fandoms for good femslash fic Avengers Fandom Tour (4/20/12)
Hugo Award nominees Things you love that you should have hated Apps for phones
Old but awesome Some original slash recs in discussion\\ Canon slash recs Running music recs
Things you're looking forward to (10-2012) Favorite villains Classical Music Recs
Canon Recs (10-10-12) Rec me some webcomics
Canon Recs (10-19-12) Slashiest westerns Anti-Recs
Fictional characters you'd like to date Top 5 (whatever) TV shows that should have ended earlier
Browser games and time wasters Recs you wish had a fandom Fandoms of Pain (worst fandom experience)
Canon that was a genuine surprise Favorite epic friendship scenes Everyone loves it, you don't get it
Canon Recs (11-01-12) M/M power dynamics Media you consider as a rip-off of another
Canon Recs (11-12-12) Name a trope, get a rec "No Heterosexual Explanation" moments
Canon Recs (11-17-12) Top 5
Canon Recs (11-20-12) Better Than Expected
Canon Recs (12-5-12) Great premise, horrible execution
Canon Recs (12-9-12) Cool characters
If you like this, then you may like this... Slashy recs
Canon Recs (12-20-12) Please keep watching, it gets better!
Canon Recs (1-2-13) Ships you keep thinking are canon
Canon Recs (1-11-13) startRecs by trope
Canon Recs (1-17-13) Non-sexual relationships you're fascinated by
Canon Recs (2-18-13)
Things you've gotten into through the meme
If you like X, you might like Y
Canon Recs (7-4-13)
Canon Recs (6-25-13)
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