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White Separatist Daily Routine


Re: Hugopocalypse: Christ-hating crusaders for Sodom edition

Date: 2015-06-29 04:43 pm (UTC)

Seriously. Could you imagine being an agent assigned to a case like this? Multiple links to violent extremists, trying to start a separatist movement, and yet your surveillance logs would read something like:

10:45 Wakes up, rummages through dirty laundry pile, chooses clothing.
11:20 Jack in the Box
12:00 Fedora Hut
12:45 Jack in the Box
1:45 Yelled racial slurs while playing League of Legends
(Note: Dude is shit at League of Legends)
3:20 Cheez-Wiz break
4:35 Jack in the Box
5:05 Went to Best Buy, yelled racial slurs at automatic door, did not enter
5:28 Fedora Hut

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