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Sandglass, sometimes referred to as “Sandvag,” is a long-time JournalFen regular and, within those confines — particularly in Unfunny Business and Unfunny Fandom — an amazingly grating SJW.

She's so irritating, it's like she's surrounded at all times by a sort of low-grade tornado of eyelash-sized grit.

Her former incarnation was IWantToBeAsleep, in which she was quite a wanky asshole. Supposedly she friended people just to report them on Fandom_wank, even if it meant breaking friendslock. She was also said to have been quite fatphobic in the LJ community bad_rpers_suck, according to this commenter and this one. The latter commenter adds that IWTBA was also

cozying up to a friend of mine (who she'd never minded mocking on fandom_wank) in comments about size acceptance - and going back and forth from one to the other in the same short time period, playing one part in public and one in locked comments - so I do think she's capable of hypocrisy in general.

More of Sandvag's greatest hits:

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