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Rivier was first mentioned by Gentlefailers in October 2010 during the course of an //Inception// fic race wank that also involved Aja. This wank also made Unfunny Fandom and SF_Drama, where Rivier herself came to the party and accused sf_d of “libel.” In the original f_fa thread, she is described as having been a wanky, batshit Torchwood/Doctor Who fan who had never really cared about SJ unless it involved albinism.

Fast-forward to late January 2013. In a thread about “personal nightmare fuel,” a creepypasta story about ghosts who were “white all over” with red eyes provoked angry responses from an albino nonny, who was then accused of being “a fucking loony” for interpreting a ghost story as having relevance to anti-albino prejudice.

When someone else said that Albino!Nonny “smells [of] Magdalene troll,” Albino Nonny de-anoned by linking to a now-dead tweet from Rivier's Twitter account and added, “But by all means, stay entrenched in the old prejudices. You won't be alone.”

A new nonny replied,

Ohhh, I remember you. You were that person who stormed into F_W with a raging hate-on because someone at some point had grudgewanked you without anyone calling them on it, and therefore F_W was terrible and evil while everyone stood around going bzuh.

Yeah, not surprised you're being ridiculously OTT despite me semi-agreeing with you in this thread.

This portion of the “personal nightmare fuel” thread was frozen by a mod.

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