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two of Jonathan Wolstenholme's anthropomorphic books


Fucklibrary (also “tweedfuck butt-stamp world”, a la Dogfuck Rapeworld), is a homegrown meme kink scenario.

The Origins of the Fucklibrary

It has its unlikely origins in the following TYWAU comment:

I keep my sanity by looking upon the current state of the world as the beginning of the endgame of a long-term project in which women have been restructuring humanity to suit ourselves. Gor the last 10 thousand years, as technology improves life, it turns out to be woman's best friend, not man's - a prod here, an idea there - the internet happens - and and in more and more countries you don't have to marry, have children, or stay home.

I am amuse at Japanese demographics (and China is getting its comeuppance).

I fantasize a time when 8 out of 10 men are neutered, or deployed for space exploration, while the sane remainder or those deemed useful for breeding are kept in libraries to be 'checked-out' when a woman wants one.

Most replies were creeped out, but some decided to take the concept and run away with it to a KINKTOMATO place.

And that's how all that old-school scifi literature where practically all humans in space are men happens! All the dudes knockin about in space and whatever… those are the ones who weren't deemed attractive enough for the breeding libraries.

Shh, quiet in the fucklibrary! Get on the desk while I stamp your ass.

KINKTOMATOS in the Fucklibrary

A few months later, a suspicion that OP nonny had reappeared was derailed into over a hundred words of hashing out just what a fucklibrary might be. And then it started appearing in the KINKTOMATO thread

The original concept of a breeding library quickly morphed into something more surreal. Sometimes the “books” are human; other times they have literal pages, though it's not clear where. The human-form books may be able to talk normally, or only recite the words of their story—or they may act that story out, instead.

And although the concept started out with female library patrons, the concept has ended up with significantly more m/m than f/m.

We also had a Fucklibrary Your Canon thread.

Fucklibrary Fills

Several ficlets have been written about fuckbooks and their readers and librarians, most origfic and most in 100 words threads.

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