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outline of a penis with wingsIn one of the many A/B/O threads, nonnies argued about whether A/B/O fic or wingfic was worse:

At least it's not wingfic. God, I hated wingfic.”

Wings >>> dog penises.”

Dog dicks >>>>>>>> wings.

At least no one spends ten thousand goddamn words angsting about how much of a freak of nature they are for having an ethereally beautiful dog dick.”

But what if they had a dog dick //and// wings. WHAT THEN?

A nonnie wrote this ficlet in response:

Uke sighed, and opened his pants.

Inside was the mark of his freakishness, the thing that set him apart from the rest of human society. His cock lay soft and pale under the moonlight, gleaming iridescently with its secretions. Even under the pale moon, it shone, and Uke knew that if he'd ever had the courage to show it under the sun, his cock would shatter the sun's rays into a million rainbows, shining all around him. As if that weren't enough to mark him as a freak, his cock wasn't even shaped right. Normal men had cocks that stood up proud and unadorned. They weren't disfigured with an exquisitely carved swelling at their base, that would trap any hypothetical lover of Uke to Uke's freakishness just when they had provided Uke the greatest pleasure he could ever feel.

How could anyone ever love something like that?

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