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Theo Harrison

Theo_Harrison is an SJW and mod at fanficrants. He comes up from time to time on f_fa. First mention of him was July 2, 2011; nonny wrote, “Even if I agree with his opinions in principle, I can't help but think he needs to get a better hobby than being righteous on the internet and wish he'd fuck off.”

Theo's abilities as a moderator are not admired on f_fa; he is generally considered to be more interested in SJ-type dogpiling than in moderating, and he is extremely quick on the banhammer. Several nonnies have blamed “the almost cult like devotion of his followers” for enabling him:

What's gone on with fanficrants and Theo is pretty shocking. I didn't have any problem with him being a mod at the time he became one; he seemed an okay person from the little I knew. But by now it's clear that he really is getting attention showered on him just because he's a guy, and he's entrenched in a situation where he can bully people and be surrounded by constant validation for doing so. He'll never leave a sweet set up like that one.

Observations about his personality:

[H]onestly there seems to be no form of ailment or oppression that *hasn't* happened to Theo at some point in his life, and I'm starting to get a little skeptical.”
> “I can't even read Theo_harrison's comments because he gives me so much second-hand embarrassment. I've never seen anyone so determined to throw themselves a pity party while wearing their long-suffering martyr hat.”
> “[H]e is the specialest of special snowflakes. Everything bad in the world that has ever happened to anyone has happened to him, he has been bullied personally by every troll in fandom, and every single whiff of an -ism is a source of deep personal hurt.”

On December 3, 2011, this secret referencing ffr was posted to fandomsecrets, and one anon there started an entire thread to rag on Theo. The overall thread was referenced at f_fa:

I stopped visited FFR about two years ago, and hearing that Theo was made Mod, I'm glad I did.

So the SJW took over the place. Too bad. No matter how well meaning they might be, whereever they go they shut the conversation down with collateral damage all the hell over the place. LJ couldn't kill Fandom Wank, but SJW's nearly did, Stupid Free went from booming to practically dead in the space of about two months, my own anon meme slowed noticably down when they started grousing. Thankfully memers stepped in and told them to shut the fuck up, and the mods are very good at not letting any of that on main meme where the prompts or fills go on.

No matter how noble their goal, their methods are deplorable. They are like creative cancer, sucking up everyone's attention and emotion and contributing nothing. Ugh!

One nonny has written satirical Theo/-ism dub-con slashfic (continued a few comments down from there), which did not meet with universal approval.

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