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Fanfic Rants did not start out as an SJ community, but it grew into one due to the efforts of theo_harrison, who became a moderator around 2009, and various regulars who also are or were in sf_drama. This secret referencing ffr, which was posted to fandomsecrets in December 2011, is fairly accurate. That wank was discussed by Gentlefailers:

I stopped visited FFR about two years ago, and hearing that Theo was made Mod, I'm glad I did.

So the SJW took over the place. Too bad. No matter how well meaning they might be, whereever they go they shut the conversation down with collateral damage all the hell over the place. LJ couldn't kill Fandom Wank, but SJW's nearly did, Stupid Free went from booming to practically dead in the space of about two months, my own anon meme slowed noticably down when they started grousing. Thankfully memers stepped in and told them to shut the fuck up, and the mods are very good at not letting any of that on main meme where the prompts or fills go on.

No matter how noble their goal, their methods are deplorable. They are like creative cancer, sucking up everyone's attention and emotion and contributing nothing. Ugh!

As more recently described in the course of Potato Wank:

It used to be good at writing meta. People would outline why something doesn't work. Why writing conventions were important. And there were funny entries where everyone laughed. But yeah, it took a really dark turn about 4 years ago. The whole “we eat our own” attitude drove out all reasonable discourse. I don't think, shy of a complete switch out of mods, it will ever get better.
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