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bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

Springs1 has thoughts about how she should be treated in a restaurant. These thoughts are incredibly verbose, but they can basically be summed up as: “Read her mind to determine what she wants, then do that exactly.” If a server does not do this, then he or she is clearly a lazy or stupid employee who is only in serving for the money and isn't taking their job as seriously as it deserves.

Springs1 has notably complained that a server has:

  • Served a crying child instead of her.
  • Failed to memorize the complete menu, including prices and exactly which sides and condiments come with every single dish.
  • Refilled her drink, or bringing her bread and water, without asking her first.
  • Served her food that isn't up to her standards, instead of telling the kitchen to do it over again.
  • Come back to the table to ask for clarification.

Springs1 is also known for ordering very large quantities of ranch dressing and putting it on everything she eats. To wit:

Her blogs are odd, in that she seems to only make one or two posts per blog and then start a new one, instead of having one blog with all of her criticisms of restaurant servers. Fortunately, she generally only writes the same thing each time, so one blog is really all that's needed.

Eventually, meme learned about a ranch-dressing themed restaurant. Nonnies wondered if Springs would show up and complain about the service, as she does everywhere else she goes.


Appearances on FFA:

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