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Nonnie the Wanker

Dec. 2, 2014: After an autocorrect fail that turned “Nonnie” to “Minnie,” another anon came up with “Nonnie the Wanker,” set to the tune of Minnie the Moocher":

Folks, here's a story about Nonnie the wanker
She was a lowdown gentlefailer
She was the roughest, toughest anon
But Nonnie had a wank as big as Dashcon

Hidee hidee hidee hi
Hode hode hode ho
Hee dee hee dee hee dee hee
A hidee hidee hidee ho

She messed around with mods named Sunny
She loved them though they were cokey
They took her down to Frozentown
And showed her how to troll the anons around

Hidee hidee hidee hi
Hee dee hee dee hee dee hee
A hidee hidee hidee ho

She had a dream about the Mod of Spnanon
Who gave her things that she was needin'
Who gave her a home built of goss and wank
A hat of tin for fandom_wank

Hidee hidee hidee hidee hidee hidee hi
Hodee hodee hodee hodee hodee oh
Scurlivou scurlivou scurlivou rlivourlivu
Setetetete raburlutu scetete raburlutu toy

He gave her his trollhouse and his banning hammer
Each thread she posted had a dozen commenters
She had a million posts worth of TYWAU and anonfails
She sat around and laughed at them a million times

Hidee hidee hidee hi
Hooh whoaa oh oh whoa
Hidee hidee hidee hi

Poor Non, Poor Non, Poor Non

The same nonny reposted the filk two days later in the next post.

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