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Nayyirah Waheed

Nayyirah Waheed is an SJW poet on Tumblr who began to make appearances on FFA in late 2013. The first was on Oct. 13, when a nonny linked to this poem and called it “just fucking sad”:

From the misspelled names, to the nonsense use of SJW terminology, to the author writing it and then attributing herself, it just makes me sad. All of that notwithstanding the completely baseless idea that any white person writing or performing pop hip-hop is an “appropriator.”

On Dec. 4, meme discussed this reblog about someone getting a tat of a line from a Waheed poem that was so out of context as to miss the point of the poem. Nonny:

If she'd just said “Oh for fuck's sake, that is exactly the opposite of the point of my poem you ignorant tit, thanks for chipping half of it off so you could mangle it to support your being a dick,” that would be one thing. But “this whole thing is white privilege and an presumption of accessibility to me and my work that you think you have, but in fact, do not have. ” …accessibility to me and my work? People who don't get it aren't allowed to… access it? What?

Other nonnies point out the untenable assumptions Waheed makes.

On Dec. 14, a nonny declared Waheed their least favorite person on the internet, “ever since she (an American woman) decided to lecture South Africans on who Nelson Mandela 'belongs' to, among other things.” (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4.) “Also her poetry is awful and I feel little rage tingles whenever it appears on my dash.”

Another nonny:

Ugh, her. Her entire sense of identity is SO friggin' myopic. Like, in this post: “unlike all other hyphenated americans/my hyphen is made of blood.” I actually like this poem and what it conveys, but seriously? No other group has a traumatic history?

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