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A wanker in the Pacific Rim, MCU and Mad Max fandoms. Apparently, Quigonejinn's apprentice.

Complains a lot about fandom Doing Things Wrong. Once she ranted about a fanfic where a little girl recognized the Winter Soldier and fangirled him, because she thinks this implies little girls can't have female heroes.

Wants fandom to write more femslash, though she can't be bothered to do so herself.

Made a graphic (duly reblogged by Mswyrr) about fandom's reaction to Vanessa Gottlieb (the wife of Pacific Rim's Hermann Gottlieb; she never shows up in the movie, only the novelization) in the style of Joanna Russ's How to Suppress Women's Writing. Meme thought it ill-concieved, to say the least.

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