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“Ah, I miss FWD. It was, for a while, the dumbest place on the internet.”

Nonny, 2011-07-16 03:03 am (UTC)

Feminists with Disabilities (FWD), which was active from October 2009 to New Year's Day 2011, was a group blog featuring such noted SJWs as Lauredhel, s.e. smith, and Chally. It was perhaps best known for its "Ableist Word Profile" series, which reclassified a range of common words and sayings as “ableist.” Such terms included “special,” “weak,” “scab” (in the labor sense), “I feel your pain,” and “What's your damage?”

FWD claimed, as did this nonny, that the list was not about “telling people which words they can and cannot use.” Of course, this is precisely how SJ warriors ended up using it.

1) That note was a late edition, after they put up the posts on ~wit, weak, scab and intelligence, and even they started to realize they were looking ridiculous.

2) These are the people that tried to propogate the term “ablesplaining”.

3) They're still out there, trawling their spoonless asses from blog to blog, trailing wank and stupidity in their wake.

Other FWD posts were often equally dubious. For example, Anna wrote that it should be okay to talk loudly through a movie if your blind companion wants a running commentary, even if it bothers other people around you. s.e. smith claimed that it is “ableist” to hold cheating against one's significant other if one's SO has bipolar disorder.

Among the fandom-related SJ wanks that FWDers were involved in was H/C Bingo Wank (see this post by Annaham).

A Gentlefailer once wrote, “I have an f-lister that claims to know for a fact that at least one of the FWD crowd is a sock playing the long term troll game. Dunno if it's true (and the f-lister doesn't have a great record), but I really hope it is. Really, really hope.”

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